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Ready to hand it over/quit

WingedPanther73 aOwner[M] posted Mon at 17:59

We still don't have many players, and I've been working on other things in my free time, of late. Is anyone interested in taking over the server? If not, I'll probably just let it day. If no one speaks up by April 1st, I'll let it die a graceful death.

jason2242001 [M] And it's a sad day for people :( This server was one of my first servers...
jason2242001 [M] I've been having pc troubles but I will be hopping on now because I have it fixed(The internal fan broke)
WarriorGirl14 aOwner[M]Admin That is the saddest post I've ever read :( I check the website everyday to see if there are players online. I usual...

Busy schedule

WarriorGirl14 aOwner[M]Admin posted Feb 11, 17

I know I haven't been around much lately. My schedule is super hectic and most nights I don't get home until after 9. Almost everyday I check MineCraft chat to see if anyone is online, but usually there isn't anyone to talk to. This schedule is only temporary and in a few months, hopefully I will be able to play when others are online. 

ShirubaKame [M]Youtube Mike and I are still playing! We've been on BiffaCraft a lot since the update but we still come in to BW as well.

We Have a Problem

WarriorGirl14 aOwner[M]Admin posted Jan 7, 17

Wing is right, our player numbers are super low. RFICraft is back up and they are having higher averages than we are, but that server is messed up in so many ways, I have no intention of returning there, and instead want to focus my Minecraft time trying to find ways to increase traffic on our server. Any suggestions?

Skylineply [M] Rfi went down lol time to wait another whole year
WarriorGirl14 aOwner[M]Admin On which website?
WingedPanther73 aOwner[M] We are advertised!