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Video about new sign shops

WingedPanther73 aOwner[M] posted Aug 27, 16

For those having issues with running the new sign shops, a helpful video:

And documentation:

So, one of the tensions we always seem to have is the desire to build close and show off to each other, and the desire to not get griefed. We tried Towny, but it was a bit... flaky. In my opinion, it was also too complicated for what we really wanted: base protection.

With all that in mind, I've been looking at updated (1.10 compatible) protection plugins. These range from the very simple "place a block, it's yours" style plugins to "by the power of fifty commands, I shall protect only my redstone!" Personally, I'm leaning towards keeping things fairly simple, but not so simple you can't share bases, etc.

I've found a few possibilities, but would like feedback or suggestions from you guys, as well.

WingedPanther73 aOwner[M] How is "place a block, it's claimed" or "surround your base with redstone dust and place...
jason2242001 [M] Wing all of those look complicated.
WingedPanther73 aOwner[M] These are the three I've seen so far that look promising.

1.10 is here!

WingedPanther73 aOwner[M] posted Jun 26, 16

'Nuf said

jason2242001 [M] towny crashed 2 times and deleted bases so..
ShirubaKame [M]Youtube 1.10 and no more Towny?? I may try to stop in when I get half a minute. Haven't played any Minecraft in the past c...